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Privacy & Terms

You can check out the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use below.

Privacy Policy

Last updated May 8, 2020


A Privacy & Safety policy section.


The user’s privacy is of the highest importance to the business. Please feel free to leave feedback or send some emails.


1. Information We Collect?

We store information you give to us. Information you give to us:

  • Interact with us via social media such as YouTube or some other platform; or

  • Request technical support or some form of general feedback, or otherwise contact us directly; or

  • Give us your information in another way. If you send an email or leave a feedback your name and email address will be collected securily.


2. How is your information used?

How we use your personal data:

  • For support, development and/or improvements. Personal data is used to provide customer support, contact and to improve our products.

  • Market our products to the users, for example by email, and/or social media.

  • To help develop new services or improve existing services.

  • To send or respond users emails regarding requests or other information they may be interested in.


Disclose the personal information might be necessary only under some special following circumstances:

• if required and authorized to disclose by law; or

• if some entity merges with or acquires substantially all of the company’s assets.


3. Questions regarding privacy?

If someone has any question regarding privacy please contact by email:


4. Updates to this Policy.

Updates to this policy may be updated from time to time. One can check back regularly for potential updates.

Terms of Use

INTETY is a company registered in Norway, the company is creating video games, software and doing other relevant things.

The Privacy Policy above will inform you about our data collection practices.


Carefully review and accept the following Terms of Use.


The Company’s Services mean all products/services offered by INTETY, including our website and social media accounts, customer support, technical support.

By accessing the Website, you accept the Terms of Use. Do not continue to use the Website if you don’t accept all of the terms and conditions.

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